How to Make the Most of Sportsbook Loyalty Programs


Most sportsbooks offer loyalty programs, which turn your wagers into points that you can use to get rewards such as free bets, cash, dining credits, and hotel comps. The programs have different tiers, so as you play more games and place more wagers, you can move up in the program, earning better incentives.

Free bet credits

Sportsbooks often give new players free bet credits. However, these free bets are not a cash alternative, so you have to make sure to read the fine print. These free bets often have restrictions and expiration dates, and you may need to wager a certain amount to redeem them.

Against the spread

Against the spread betting is a popular way to win money at sports betting. This betting strategy allows you to take advantage of different factors that influence the outcomes of games. The spread, for example, can be altered by adverse weather conditions or a star player’s injury. It is also one of the most popular bets, as it allows you to bet on a team that is considered a slight underdog.

Odds boosts

Odds boosts for sportsbooks are promotions that increase the payouts on specific bets. However, these promotions have both advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn how to make the most of this type of promotional offer.

Age requirements for placing bets at sportsbooks

Sportsbooks require that bettors be at least 18 years old in order to place wagers. These age requirements are meant to prevent companies from exploiting minors. While some states have eliminated these requirements, others still make them mandatory. In general, however, online sportsbooks accept bets from individuals of legal age.

Bonuses offered by sportsbooks

Sportsbooks offer many different types of bonuses to attract new customers. One of the most common is the signup bonus, which offers money or free bets to new customers. There are also many other types of sportsbook bonuses available, some of which only apply to specific games or odds. You can usually find details about current promotions on a sportsbook’s website. Other sportsbooks offer rebate bonuses, which give customers money back for losses on their account. These bonuses can be valuable, but you should be aware of their rules and conditions.